The Social Pro Revolution Coaching Movement’s Mission Statement:

“To Reach-Out To As Many Average Every Day ‘Hard-Working’ Middle Class People As Possible, Then Make Them REALIZE… That You MUST Learn How To Properly Brand Yourself As A Value-Offering Trusted Leader That Others Will Want To KNOW, LIKE, TRUST, Then BUY or JOIN Any Product, Service or Business Opportunity Your Offering”. Every Successful Company And/Or Top 2% Income Earning Leader Has Had To Do This Since The Beginning of Market-Branding Time Because, “People Join YOU, NOT Your Business”.

Why This Mission Statement Is So Darn Important To You?

Social Pro RevolutionIt’s An UNDENIABLE Statistical Fact; That 98% Of All Network Marketers Fail Miserably When It Comes To Starting or Building An Online Business That Create Everlasting Wealth For The Them And Their Families Financial Future.

They’re Usually Falsely Promised An Income With Proven Training And Personal Support From Various Up-Lines or Sponsors But Are Usually Left STRANDED WITHOUT Any One-On-One Personal Support Or A System That Actually Works, Thus, Faced With An UNBEARABLY Long Hard Learning Curve That Results In Information Overload. The Final Ending Result Is… They Usually Quit Or Give Up Within Their First Three Months.

Where Did Our Mission Statement Come From?

The Social Pro Revolution Movement Was Originally United By An Incredible Team of Wonderful People Who Have All Been Struggling ‘Little Guys’ At One Point Or Another In Their Life.

Social Pro RevolutionThese Wonderful Team of People Have Literally Spent Thousands of dollars of Their Hard-Earned Money Jumping From One Business Opportunity To Another Trying To Finally Create Some Wealth Online Only To Find False Income Promise, No Coaching, Non-Effective Training Etc.

Here At The New Innovative Social Pro Coaching Revolution Movement, We Go Far Beyond The ‘Norm’ To Reach Others Who’re Are Tired of ‘Rinsing And Repeating’ The Daily Failure Process of Trying To Create Success Here On The Web.

Unlike Other Business Opportunities And Automated Training Programs on The Internet, Our Student Success Rates Are Nearly 100% Because We Offer That Rarely-Seen, Very Effective, Good Old Fashion One-On-One Personal Coaching Support To Actually Show You What Really Works. We Accomplish The By Using A Free Exclusive Live Screen Share/Voice Chat Program To Teach You Some Simple Branding Strategies From The Core of Our Social Pro Revolution Training System That Achieves Instant Results Within Your Very First 3 Hours With Us, BEFORE, You Ever Spend One Dime of Your Hard-Earned Money.


Yours In Helping The Average Everyday Hard-Working Person Create Real Success Online,

Social Pro Revolution

Dave D. Williamson
And The Social Pro Revolution Free Coaches… :)

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