NOTE: If You Already Have A Free Skype Account, Go Ahead And Send Me A Skype Contact Request To;
Dave D. Williamson ( Skype username: davedwilliamson )
, Otherwise, Continue Below:



STEP ONE: SETTING UP YOUR ACCOUNT… If You DON’T Aready Have A Skype Account, Go To: – Click on the “Get Skype” Button Located On The Upper Right Hand Side of The Page, Then Click on “Join Us” And Complete Your Account Setup Information.

When Setting Up Your Account, Make Sure Your Country/Region & City Are Completed In Your Account Profile Information so that your time will show to others on Skype, Also… this way we can also see your time when trying to contact you.

For Branding Purposes, Try To See If Your Real Name Is Available When Choosing Your ‘Skype Username’, Your Skype Username Will Be All Lower Case Letter/Numbers Etc., Without Any Spaces. If Your Real Name Is Not Available, Try Adding Your Middle Initial To It, If That’s Not Available, Try Adding A Number or Two (1, 2, 3) Etc., To The End of It Until It Becomes Available.

Also.., Make Sure Your Skype Display Name Is The Same As The One At Facebook And The Rest of Your Social Networks For Example: My Display Name In Facebook Is “Dave D. Williamson, My Display Name In Skype Is “Dave D. Williamson“.


STEP TWO: DOWNLOAD SKYPE… Once You’re Finished Setting Up Your Skype Account, MAKE SURE You Log In Then Download The Skype Application To Your Computer By Clicking On The “Downloads” Link Located At The Top of The Page. Once You’re On The Downloads Page, MAKE SURE That The “Computer” Picture Is Selected (Highlighted), Then Scroll Down And Click On The “Get Skype For Windows Desktop” Button And Finish The Process of Downloading It To Your Computer. Once The Skype Installation File Is Downloaded, Go Ahead And Finish Installing Skype On Your Computer, Then Launch The Program.

NOTE: If You’re Running A Mac Computer, Just Go Type “Skype For Mac” In Google Search Home page at: To Go Download Skype For Mac.


STEP THREE: Send Me A Contact Request; Dave D. Williamson ( Skype username: davedwilliamson ) Per My Video Instructions So That We Can Schedule A Time To Try And Qualify You For Your Free One-On-One Personal Coaching & Video Training ($1,000 Value)…

IMPORTANT! Keep In Mind… To Assure The Highest Quality of One-On-One Personal Coaching For You, Myself And My Coaches Will Only Work With Six (6) People At A Time So Send Your Skype Contact Request To Me IMMEDIATELY To Lock In Your Free Coaching Spot As We Do Get Thousands of Struggling Marketers Coming To Us Each And Every Day!


Option 1 – Send Me A Facebook Personal Chat Message – Go To My Facebook Personal Page At: , Then Click on The ‘Message’ Button (near the top of my page) and send me a personal chat message…

Option 2 – Call Me At: 513-549-1760 (U.S.)

Option 3 – Send Me An Email To:


Yours In Helping The Average Everyday Hard-Working Person Succeed Online :),

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